Star Realms Salt Wars Episode 1 -- The PhoneThrow Menace

  • 47 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Star Realms
  • 2018年 November月 28日 12:00 PM EST
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Welcome to the first ever rendition of the "Star Realms Salt Wars"

This is a Star Realms based tournament bringing out the best of the new Missions expansion!  

Player's warning -- there be salt* mines ahead! -- (Aldaryn & Tyraziel)

This will be a double elimination tournament, including the finals.

All games will be played with W-G1ECM (Colony Wars, Gambits, Year 1 Promos, Events, Cosmic Gambits, Missions).

*Allergen warning, may contain MSG (MissionSodiumGambitate) -- (MTGirl)

Registration will close sometime around noon ET on Nov 28th.

Clarification on rules:

Each match will consist of one game W-G1ECM format.

To help keep track of how fast games complete if you can help to put the final scores as follows:

Winner's score is the turn #, loser's score is the # of missions the winner completed.

E.G.  Tyraziel (DarthFrenzy, self proclaimed Salt Lord) vs CrankyDay -- CrankyDay wins on turn 21 with 3 Missions thus the score should be reported as CrankyDay 21 -- Tyraziel 3

The overall winner of this tournament earns the 'Salt Lord' title (idea credit to Hypaspist).  A running list of Salt Lords will be maintained.


冠军: AceGeiger
有价值对手: bmcfluff
下次再说: Tyraziel


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